How Often Should I Clean My Filter ?

  • For the first few weeks of ownership, check your filters weekly.
  • If the debris is heavy, continue to rinse the filter weekly/biweekly.
  • If the filter has light debris, you can rinse them monthly, alternating between a hose rinse and a “filter clean” soak.
  • SpaBerry use will vary from person to person, so be sure to clean your filters “as needed” since they will directly affect SpaBerry operation such as jet activity, heater operation, and the overall cleanliness of the water.
  • filter-often[1]

How Do I Clean My Filter ?

  • Your filter should be cleaned as needed using a garden hose.
  • Remove it from the spaberry and use a sweeping motion from top to bottom to rinse out debris.
  • Turn the filter upside down and repeat this rinsing motion.
  • About every 6-8 weeks or as needed you should use a “filter cleaner” product to soak your filter in.
  • Rinse the filter first, then follow the instructions on the “filter cleaner” product (be sure to use a cleaner compatible with your SpaBerry sanitizer).
  • Make sure you allow the filter to dry completely after the cleaning process. Rinse it once more before putting it back into your SpaBerry.

How Do I Take Out My Jets ?

  • To remove the jet face, grab the jet face firmly.
  • Turn it counter clockwise with medium force until it stops.
  • Once it stops turning, use additional force to continue turning the jet face counter clockwise until it “clicks”.
  • You can then lift the jet face straight out of the jet body.

Who Do I Contact For Cover Warranty ?

  • Your cover is manufactured by Sunstar Covers and is a separate warranty from your SpaBerry warranty.
  • Use the contact card that came with your SpaBerry cover to register your cover warranty.

How Do I Bleed The Air Out Of The Pump ?

  • You can purge the plumbing of air by activating the jet pumps in a specific rhythm.
  • Push the jets button once to activate low speed, again to activate high speed, and then once more to turn the pump off. This should be done within 2 seconds. Wait 2 seconds, then repeat as needed.
  • If you are unable to purge the air, you can access the pump unions in the equipment area. Loosen the higher union to allow air to bleed out. Tighten it then try the above again until the pump is primed.

Who Do I Contact For Warranty

The Temperature Is Erratic

  • If the temperature on screen is erratic it is normally because the water level is too low. Fill the SpaBerry to the appropriate level and verify there is no air trapped in the jet pump. You should see a steady stream of water from the jets when the pump is activated.
  • If the problem persists, turn off the SpaBerry at the breaker and fill out the e-service form on the contact page of our website and we will contact you.

The Display Shows Either 32 or 132

  • Verify the temperature sensor is connected properly, then reset the power to the spa.
  • If the problem persists, turn off the SpaBerry at the breaker and fill out the e-service form on the contact page of our website and we will contact you.

My Water Is Too Hot

  • Never enter your SpaBerry if the water is too hot.
  • Verify the reading on the display is accurate using a digital thermometer. Make sure the set temperature is 104 or lower and the heat icon is not lit.
  • Verify the filter cycles are not set to run too long. 60 minutes twice a day is usually adequate. Lower the filter cycle duration and add cool water.
  • If the heat icon is lit, but the set temperature is below the actual temperature, turn off the SpaBerry at the breaker and fill out the e-service form on the contact page of our website and we will contact you.
  • If the temperature does not match the thermometer within 2 degree fill out the e-service form on the contact page of our website and we will contact you.

My Spa Doesn’t Heat

  • If your spa is not heating, first make sure there is no error message on the screen, or 3 flashing dots between the number digits. If there is, refer to the question: “3 flashing lights appear on the upper control panel” – if not:
  • Verify the set temperature is above the actual temperature by pressing the “up” button.
  • Verify the heat icon is lit and solid above the display. If the heat icon is flashing, heat has been requested but will not engage until the pump has returned to low speed. You can manually turn your pump to low speed by pressing jets 1.
  • If the heat icon is not lit, use a digital thermometer to verify the actual water temp is within 2 degrees of what the display shows. If it is not, fill out the e-service form on the contact page of our website and we will contact you.
  • low-heat[1]

No Jet Action or Poor Jet Action

  • If your SpaBerry jets aren’t working or working poorly then check if they are turned on by turning the out diameter of the jet in a clockwise direction.
  • You should also check to see if your filter is dirty and clean it to improve your water flow.
  • Upon start-up you could have an airlock in the plumbing and should follow the instructions in your owners manual.

My Jets Are Pulsating

  • If your SpaBerry jets are pulsating your water level is too low and you need to top your water level off, or the filter is dirty and restricting water flow.

3 Flashing Lights Appear On The Control

  • If 3 flashing lights appear on the top side control this indicates a possible sensor or flow problem.
  • Check to make certain that your water level is well above the filter basket.
  • Make sure that your filter is clean and if is over a year old, replace it (you can buy them on line and The SpaBerry Shop)
  • Make sure that the pumps are running if you have set the temperature to heat, if not there may be an airlock in the system.
  • You may also turn off the power and reset the system.
  • If none of these solutions solve the problem, fill out the e-service form on the contact page of our website and we will contact you

Your SpaBerry Turns Off During Use By Itself

  • If your SpaBerry turns off by itself it means that either the automatic pump cycle has come to an end, which is the most common reason, or the pump has overheated due to extensive use and is shutting itself down to cool off.
  • This is normal and no action is required.

Your SpaBerry Turns on by Itself.

  • If your SpaBerry turns on without you touching the topside control, the SpaBerry is in one of its filtration cycles or there has been a call for heat and the spa has turned itself on.
  • Smart winter mode may also have activated.
  • This is normal and no action is required.
  • You can change your filter cycles by pushing the program button on your control.

I Have No Power

  • If Nothing Turns on when touching the SpaBerry upper Control you either have a GFCI which has tripped or there is no power to the spa.
  • If your SpaBerry is connected on a 110V cord it has a GFCI on the end of the cord - push the reset button to restart the SpaBerry.
  • If your SpaBerry is connected on a 110V cord make certain that the plug is fully installed in the receptacle and that it is the only 110V product installed on the receptacle.
  • If your SpaBerry is connected 240v, then go to your breaker box and check to see if your SpaBerry breaker has tripped and reset it to the on position.



How do I work my light and control ?

  • On your SpaBerry control you will find several buttons that control your spa temperature, your light, your jets and the programming of your SpaBerry
  • Simply touch your jet button once or twice to control the power of jets
  • To control your light simply touch the light button and the LED lights will come on…touch it again and the lights go off
  • To turn your temperature up touch the button marked with a plus sign and to turn it down touch the button marked with the – sign
  • When you touch the Program button your LED screen will indicate the number 60 which means that your filtration cycle is preset for 60 minutes
  • To change this duration simply touch the + sign to increase the time and the – sign to decrease the time
  • When you touch the Program button a second time your LED screen will indicate the number 2 which means that your filtration cycle is preset to come on twice in a 24 hour period
  • To change how many times the filtration cycles come on simply touch the + sign to increase the number of cycles and the – sign to decrease the number of cycles
  • When you touch the Program button a third time the letter “F” shows up indicating that the temperature will display in Fahrenheit on the LED screen
  • If you prefer to have the LED screen display your temperature in Celsius…simply touch the + button or – button

How do I adjust the waterfall ?

  • To adjust your SpaBerry waterfall simply touch the jet button to start your jets
  • Then turn the grey dial located adjacent to the topside control
  • By turning the dial you find you increase and decrease the flow of your waterfall

How do I turn my jets on and off ?

  • When turning on your jets go to the topside SpaBerry control and press the jet button once for low speed and twice for high speed and your jets will come on
  • You can also adjust the power of the each jet by turning the outer jet ring clockwise to increase and counterclockwise to decrease the power
  • controller-func[1]

How do I get in and out of my SpaBerry ?

  • After removing the SpaBerry cover, simply sit on the edge of the SpaBerry
  • While holding onto the lip of the SpaBerry - Simply place one leg at a time over the top of your SpaBerry and into the water
  • When exiting your SpaBerry - Sit on the edge of the SpaBerry and swing one leg at a time over the edge until you are standing outside of your SpaBerry
  • Make sure you remember to put the cover securely back on your SpaBerry after you get out.

How do I take my filter in and out ?

  • When taking out your filter, first turn off power to the SpaBerry and then take the BerryPure out of the filter basket
  • Then turn the filter basket in a counterclockwise direction until you see the straight edge of the filter basket line up with the tabs of the filter ring and pull the filter basket up and out of your SpaBerry
  • Then grab the tabs on the top of the filter and turn the filter in a counterclockwise direction until it stops - approximately 90 degrees.
  • Then pull up on the filter and remove it from the SpaBerry
  • Before putting your filter into your SpaBerry make sure that the power to the SpaBerry is turned off
  • Then take the filter and place it into the filter canister pushing it down to the bottom of the canister
  • Then rotate the filter in a clockwise direction approximately 90 degrees until the filter is securely in place
  • Then take the filter basket and place it in the filter canister, line up the straight edges on the filter basket with the tabs on the filter ring and turn the basket in a clockwise direction until it locks in place
  • Place a new BerryPure into your filter basket and you’re done

How do I take my cover on and off ?

  • When taking the cover off your SpaBerry make sure that you first unlock the cover from the side
  • Then simply grab the handle and pull the cover off to one side
  • When putting your cover on make sure that the cover is placed evenly around the top edge of the SpaBerry and that the cover flaps and lock catches are parallel to the side of the SpaBerry
  • Then take the lock catches and snap them into the locks on the side of the SpaBerry
  • cover-off[1]


BerryPure FAQ’S

What’s the bottom line with BerryPure ?

  • If you want water that is easy to maintain ; Water that feels like ‘liquid velvet' ; Water that is crisp and clear then BerryPure is the answer !

How quickly does the product work ?

  • In a SpaBerry it starts working quickly and continues to improve month after month.
  • It has an accumulation of the conditioning effects – it gets better over time.

Do I still need to use a sanitizer such as chlorine ?

  • The combination of BerryPure and small amounts of an EPA approved sanitizer provides the highest quality of water.
  • We recommend maintaining a sanitizer reading on a test strip of three to five parts per million.

How often do I have to change the water in my spa ?

  • At approximately six months, the water should be changed depending upon frequency of use and personal preferences.

How will I know when the insert needs to be changed ?

  • The appearance of the insert may not change during the 30 days of usage, but our research shows its beneficial effects diminish at that point requiring replacement.
  • We recommend getting in the habit of changing your BerryPure at the beginning of each month.
  • bp-insert-change[1]

Why should I use the pre-filter on my hose to fill the spa ?

  • Our research demonstrates that tap water quality can vary widely based on the source, geographic location, and even the time of day tested
  • The filter removes many of these inconsistencies and allows for a more uniform water quality thus simplifying the start up process.

Why does this system qualify as “Green” ?

  • Nature has figured out a way to condition water without the use of harsh chemicals
  • BerryPure is Plant based and sustainably harvested
  • It conserves and protects water and has no toxins like other water treatment products currently available and it’s socially responsible.
  • Other than being sterilized, there are no manufacturing processes done to the plant after it is harvested
  • In fact the refill itself is biodegradable.
  • bp-why-green[1]

What should I do to maintain my SpaBerry™ ?

  • After an initial adjustment period, your BerryPure™ water will be stable and require little maintenance
  • On a weekly basis use the test strips included in your BerryStart™ kit and make adjustments to pH, alkalinity, hardness and free chlorine as necessary
  • Your SpaBerry™ has approximately 135 gallons of water – be careful not to overdose the spa when you do add chemicals
  • On a monthly basis replace BerryPure™ and clean your spa filter
  • Every Six months drain your SpaBerry and follow your initial start-up instructions when refilling
  • Every 12 months replace your BerryFill Pre-filter.

How often do I need to change the insert refill ?

  • The BerryPure insert conditions water for a 30 day period and should be replaced at that point to continue to get the conditioning effects
  • The plant is no longer alive and acts like a tea bag.

How do I get started with the BerryPure System ?

  • In your BerryStart kit that came with your SpaBerry you will find your BerryFill pre-filter.
  • Connect your hose to the threaded end of the BerryFill pre-filter and turn the water on for a minute or so running the water onto your lawn
  • After you have done this place the BerryFill pre-filter into the filter canister and turn the water on and fill your SpaBerry
  • Once the SpaBerry is filled then turn your SpaBerry on and set your temperature to the desired level.
  • Once the SpaBerry has reached your desired temperature level use the test strips from your BerryStart kit to determine the free chlorine, pH, alkalinity and hardness of your water
  • Balance pH and alkalinity with the pH Up and pH Down included in your BerryStart™ kit
  • Add additional chlorine if required to attain the following concentrations: pH 7.2-7.8 alkalinity 80-120 ppm hardness 150-400 sanitizer 3 to 5 ppm
  • Remove one BerryPure™ from the box inside your BerryStart kit and remove it from the plastic bag
  • Once removed from the plastic bag you will see that the BerryPure is housed in a netted tea bag
  • Place the BerryPure™ in the filter basket and Replace every 30 days.

How Does BerryPure Work ?

  • BerryPure conditions water to produce crisp, clear, odor free water that feels like it comes from mountain stream fed lakes and rivers.
  • It dramatically reduces the time and toxic chemicals needed to maintain high quality spa water and extends equipment life
  • It is nature’s solution for better water and has been conditioning the water in the Northern United States and Southern Canada for thousands of years.
  • berry-pure[1]

What is the BerryPure made of ?

  • BerryPure is made from a very specific species of sphagnum moss which has been conditioning the water in lakes, rivers, and ponds for centuries.
  • berry-pure[1]